C Corp Company Registration In USA from India

C Corp Company Registration In USA

Establish a global business by incorporating a company in USA from India. The process of registering a new or existing firm as a company in USA is known as Company Registration in USA. The company registration in the USA from India allows business owners to expand their business in USA. Type Of Company Registration in USA From India? In the United States of America (USA), the rules and regulations governing the formation and maintenance of a company vary from state to state. However, there are 5 major types of companies that one can register in any state of USA. These are –
1. Sole proprietorships
2. LLC or Limited Liability Companies
3. S Corp or S Corporations
4. C Corp or C Corporations
5. NPO or Non-Profit Organization's

Why One Should Make a Company Registration In USA
With globalization and a large English-speaking diaspora, USA presents being an investment friendly destination with no or low corporation tax rates, nil or zero sales tax in many states of the USA.

Strong Globally Image
Having a company registered in the United States (USA) helps you build a global image. United States is one of the most developed nations in the world, and registering your company will increase your visibility in the business world of business.

Competitive Entrepreneurial Culture
The entrepreneurial and investor culture in the United States is very different and large. The business ideas are very easily captured by investors in the United States. The funding of companies for US Aliens and Non-Residents is fairly easy in the United Sates.

Tax Benefits
The entire corporate tax structure and the robust tax treaties signed by United Sates offer excellent benefit for long term business profitability.

Access To Latest Technology
The United States being the hub of technological advancement, several entrepreneurs are forming businesses in the United States solely to gain accessibility to top-notch technology that shall help business and its process in the long run. Silicon Valley is the hub of such technology.

Eligibility For Inc. Company Registration in USA From India
Company Registration in USA from India can be done provided one fulfills the following below requirements: -
• All Directors should have a valid Passport or citizenship proof and address proof.
• You need a registered USA agent to get company a registration in USA.
• A registered agent can be a individual or firm who has a registered address in the province, state, city, county of incorporation. • The Registered Agent serves as a bridge between you and the US tax office to correspond through mails, and post during your normal office hours.
Comparative between LLC vs C Corp vs S Corp

LLC Company Registration In USA From India
• Single-member LLC with one owner or
multi-member LLC with multiple owners including corporate holders
• Non-Residents of USA or Indian Citizens residing in India are eligible to form LLC Company in USA
• Owners decide whether to be taxed as a C-corporation or as a pass-through entity i.e., a S-Corporation as per the IRS code.
• LLC Companies are easier to form in some states.

C Corp Company Registration In USA From India
• Non- Residents can form C Corp Company from India having Indian Citizenship proof.
• C-corporations must pay a fixed corporate tax rate usually @ 21%.
• C Corp Companies are easier to form.
• There is no limit to the number of shareholders you can have in a C Corp.
• Easier for investor to invest in a C-Corp as ownership is defined and can be changed with ease and no filing requirements.

S Corp Company Registration In USA From India

• A variety of hybrid capital instruments can be issued.
• Only individuals, certain trusts, and estates can be shareholders.
• Partnerships, corporations, or non-resident alien shareholders can't be shareholders
• S-corporations must pay personal taxes being a pass-through entity.
• S-corporations can be taxed as a C-Corp as per elective rules of the IRS.
• S-Corporations issue Schedule-K for distributions to its shareholders.

Most popular states in USA for Company Registration from India
In the United States, the rules and regulations governing the formation and maintenance of a limited liability company (LLC), or S Corp, C corporation vary state to state in the USA. The best recommended states for company registration in USA from India in terms of corporate tax, sales tax, franchise tax is -
• Delaware-DE – For Corporation tax + Sales tax
• Nevada-NV – For Sales tax
• Ohio-OH – For Sales tax
• Wyoming-WI – For Sales tax
• New Hampshire-NH – For Sales tax
Delaware, Wyoming, Nevada is by far the best choice because these states have cheaper yearly state costs, corporation tax and no or zero sales tax than other states in the USA.

Documents Required To Register A Company In USA From India
Following are the mandatory documents for company registration in the United States from India.
• Unique Company Name
• Passport of all Directors
• Address Proof and ID proof documents - Aadhar Card, PAN Card,
• Signed documents for Incorporation.
• IRS Form SS4 – Application for Employer Identification Number [EIN]