Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services in Delhi

Transaction Advisory Service:

We provide professional services when a business transaction takes place in the form of merger and acquisition. Our experience makes us the number one and top most choice of being a transaction advisory partner consultant in Delhi to such deals.

Transaction advisory is one of the top priorities undertaken by a buyer when in a deal to scout for prospective buys. We act as a trusted consultant to such a transaction. We work with to advisory consultants in the field of transaction advisory on a global association basis such as US, UK, UAE.

The services encompass the following:

o Focus on due diligence to ensure the viability and legality of the transaction on behalf of the client.
o To protect client assets and business interests in the transaction.
o To help facilitate the safety and growth of a company by offering expert financial advice.
o To perform an investigation into the value and viability of the company in question.
o To undertake financial modelling, market research and risk analysis.
o Tax evaluation and consulting on how to manage tax risks associated with acquisitions and mergers
o Advice on the proper structuring of transactions in order to improve net cash flows
o A tax assessment of the company before the acquisition or sale (due diligence)
o Effective tax structuring of transactions
o Support for improved tax solutions after the agreement