Virtual CFO Services

What is a Virtual CFO?
While launching a startup, the most important role is that of finance a Chief Financial Officer, or CFO. But frugality or shortage of funds leads many a startups to not bring someone on board full-time. This is where hiring a virtual CFO could make a lot of sense for startups. A virtual CFO is a person or business that offers the services of a CFO, but does so with a mix of supporting remotely through phone calls and video conferences or as per demand in person, and usually on a part-time basis. This allows a company to get the benefits of having a CFO without having to pay someone for a full-time role. This allows a business to fill the crucial gap until they have made it to a point when then they can hire a CFO full-time. Benefits of hiring a virtual CFO.

1. Broad Spectrum Of Expertise
Virtual CFOs work with a wide spectrum of companies, in different sectors , verticals and of different sizes in terms of turnover. This brings the virtual CFO with a broad range of expertise that they can leverage for the benefit of the company.

2. You Gain Access to Their Network
Since your virtual CFO has worked with a wide spectrum of different companies, they will have a developed network of contacts. You may be able to leverage some of those contacts to help grow your business. Your CFO will know exactly the right people to put you in touch with and capitalise on their expertise.

3. An Outside Perspective
When a startup is rapidly growing a business, it shall have lesser focus on its key finance function. Someone with an outside perspective can see things that you may miss.
Hiring a virtual CFO gives you a additional support who can not only keep an eye on the financial side of your business but may also be able to spot other opportunities for growth.

4. Shorter Learning Curve
When a full-time CFO is on boarded, it can take some time for them to get going with the speed of the company. There will always be a settling-in period as they get to know their colleagues and the general work environment. A virtual CFO having worked across spectrum with new and old businesses, so will be quicker to adapt. The learning curve will be a lot shorter than when adding a CFO full-time.

5. Manage Your Costs
One of the most obvious benefits of outsourcing virtual CFO services is that it can save you critical cash flows. Your virtual CFO comes with a plug in and plug out option , with variable working days or as and when you need them. To a full-time CFO when you are kick starting a venture a virtual CFO could be THE solution.

6. Service On Demand
With virtual CFOs, you only pay for what you need. Which means that a curated and customized experience with exactly the services you want. You get what you want and you pay for what you want leading significant savings.

7. Scalability
As your business grows, a virtual CFO can grow along with you. Their services are easily scalable from once a week to many days in a week. Your virtual CFO will be able to offer you indepth guidance on this, having experienced the similar situation with other clients.

8. Advice on Financial Software and Storage Systems
There is a huge range of financial software and storage systems available for businesses. A virtual CFO having worked across spectrum and across various level of companies shall be the best support to advice the best fit for your business. It will save you from making the potentially expensive mistake of choosing the wrong financial software.

9. Experience On A Fly
A virtual CFO brings along a vast experience and that too on the fly. By outsourcing your CFO services, you’re bringing on board an instant experience. Such instant and on the fly experience prove vital, especially in terms of critical financial decisions that require quick insights.

10. Problem Solver
Every business faces difficult problems each day in their journey of growth. A virtual CFO with his wide spectrum would have seen, and overcome, many of these problems in various shapes and sizes. They will be able to bring that experience to the table and help you get past your problems in the most efficient way. By tapping into the expertise of a virtual CFO, you shall have the benefit of not having to learn from your own mistakes.