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Business Startup Consultant in Delhi

Startup ideas are the new age ideas that give shape to the young minds. A Startup company with a lean structure is what the current buzz word. We help in raising funds for startup at idea stage, revenue growth startup companies, good mature startup founders garner more interest. Our focus areas range from start-up consulting to fund raising along with mentorship to guide the new age startup companies to a next level. Innovation is the idea that any startup can yearn for. From idea to starting a company to a mature startup is what we guide and mentor. The angel investors are the primary and critical source of capital for young start-ups at the idea stage, at revenue growth level looking to raise their first round of cash. Angel Investors are typically high net worth individuals who invest very early into a start-up ecosystem. Typically after friends and family funding has been raised, Angel Investors are the next check writers in a company. Apart from capital, Angel investors also provide mentoring and network access to budding entrepreneurs. Angel Investors generally invest through equity stake to convertible notes to other hybrid instruments. US markets are mature to raise funds for most growth level start-ups.
We help in raising this angel capital which is basically the second money put into by the angel post the funds raised by the founders, family & friends.
Startup Idea we incubate
Startup consulting from idea to revenue assistance
Valuation models assistance
Net worth valuation assistance
Funds term sheet assistance
Drafting of the share holders agreement
Startup lean cost structure assistance
Growth to revenue to IPO stage assistance