Regulatory Consulting Services

Regulatory Consulting Services in Delhi

The dynamic tax climate creates positions that need attention for companies to have their tax planning strategies organized to capitalize on tax credit opportunities, minimize risk, and properly structure your financials. With increased corporate scrutiny and continuously changing tax regulations, it is critical to enlist experienced tax and regulatory advisors , consultants who can provide a comprehensive, strategic approach to year-round tax planning. Our consultants keenly support the client’s business objectives, contribute to the implementation of the selected structure, and ensure compliance with all tax and regulatory obligations.

Corporate Income Tax

• Consulting on corporate tax issues
• Effective and tax-efficient strategies for optimal tax management
• Tax audits
• Support and guidance during tax audits
• Effective and tax-efficient planning for investments
• Advice and support in understanding and implementing government regulations

Indirect Taxes

Indirect taxes (goods and services tax, sales taxes, customs duties, VAT, etc.) are constantly changing because of fiscal policy and ever changing government resolutions.

Our tax and regulatory advisory provides guidance:

• Identifying potential risks through GST/VAT diagnostic reviews
• Assistance in strategic planning with respect to indirect taxes so as to manage their impact on the company’s financial results, risk portfolio and organizational tax planning
• Support during gst / vat audits or other tax proceedings
• Advising on internal procedures and indirect tax-related risk management

Tax Compliance

We provide effective tax and regulatory structuring regarding your tax compliance obligations, with a wide spectrum of services including but not limited to the following:

• Regular revenue audits and management reviews
• Tax coordination and regulatory advice of overseas activities
• Corporate income tax compliance
• Indirect tax compliance
• Tax consulting and support for GST / VAT
• Support during the client’s year-end GST audit and tax disputes with the tax authorities

International Tax Structuring

The changing landscape of the international boundaries make it imperative for global companies and domestic companies operating at an international scale to tax plan their success. Companies should approach their tax planning using criteria that go beyond the domestic tax laws of individual countries.

From establishing subsidiaries and branches to structuring for the repatriation of profits, our consultants will help you optimize and keep you informed on tax developments that may affect your business.

Our services for international tax structuring include:

• Effective and tax-efficient strategies for domestic and international investments
• International tax developments with regard to DTTAs , MLI and the BEPS developments which may impact your business
• Tax structuring for domestic and international transactions

Transfer Pricing Documentation

In today’s a global economic environment, especially multinationals MNC’s– trade with affiliated companies on a daily basis.
Transfer pricing, i.e. the setting of prices between legal entities within the same organization, has become a global issue more so with the new attention given to MLI’s and BEPS initiatives. Relevant legislation is becoming more detailed and demanding, and there is ever greater need for correct documentation in order to mitigate the risk of penalties imposed by the regulatory authorities.

Our department, which comprises of tax and regulatory consultants with years of experience on transfer pricing:

• Transfer pricing planning and compliance advice
• Advice and support in the preparation of transfer pricing documentation in accordance with Indian US, UK, Canada or any other foreign legislation
• Support in transfer pricing audits
• Benchmarking reports from Capital Line, Prowess software’s

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Multinational Corporations are identifying India as the next level of investment opportunity to grow their business. The country is poised for more inflow of FDI. Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) is the primary governing law. Its rules and regulations are governed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Our services include :

Establishment of Wholly Owned Subsidiary in India (WOS)

o Setting up of Branch , Liaison , Project offices
o Compliance in relation to FDI (Foreign Direct Investments)on FIRMS
o Certification of Form FC-GPR & FC-TRS
o NRI (Non-Resident Indian) investment and related compliances
o Advisory, documentations, compliance pertaining to External Commercial Borrowing (ECB)
o Advising on legal and procedural matters falling under FEMA, including documentation and appearance in matters pertaining to compounding of offence with Reserve Bank of India.
o Obtaining RBI/FIPB/DIPP approvals