Our Services

Accounting Outsourcing Services

Accounts the nerve centre of any company has now been accepted to be a part of shared services concept, we provide such accounting support for all your business needs including startups. We do US accounting on Quickbooks, Peachtree, Myob software’s.

Taxation Advice, Planning, Compliance Work

For any business to succeed the start point is planning it to be right. We provide support on compliant tax structures to businesses. Such tax structures are very important for the business to grow specially in the startup scenario.

Business Process Outsourcing

With the advent of cost efficiency every company today looks at the concept of Business Process outsourcing. For companies looking for paring their internal costs we offer BPO level outsourcing team to support all the financial functions of the company. US Accounting, Taxation, Payroll, 1120 Returns, 1040 Returns.

Advice on Corporate and Allied Laws

With the increase in compliance and risks associated with such compliances ,we provide corporate law and other such associated advice to help keep your business healthy.

Company Secretarial Services

Keeping clients updated on the latest amendments to the various corporate law
Organizing member meetings from sending meeting notices to the minutes
Organizing board meetings
Maintaining statutory books and registers
Arranging share allotments and transfers
Ensuring a change in company names/directors as and when required
Managing amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association
Filing statutory forms and annual returns
Organizing the certification and attestation of forms and documents
Arranging for Director Identification Numbers (DIN)
Arranging for Digital Signature Certificates (DSC)

Company Formation and advice on Company Flotation

For anyone to business they need a corporate entity and that is what we do, the right kind of entity formation takes a lead for a better future compliance.

Design, Development and Review of Accounting

The process by which accounting is driven is very important for a healthy functioning of the company. We help design such processes that help in the development of a robust accounting department.

Cost and Management Information System

Cost management is very important and a critical aspect of any company's financial health , we provide such cost accounting and other related activities.

Business Consultant

Go to Market Strategy

We undertake market research assignments for our clients across industry sectors to study the business and regulatory scenario to give you a clear understanding of the market size and regulatory requirements. We leverage our extensive knowledge of India to offer solutions and go-to market strategies for our clients.

Process Consulting

In order to increase efficiencies you need to streamline the processes and our team identifies such key processes where your company can increase efficiencies. Factors that may cause inefficiencies are internal or external in nature such as regulatory policies or technological developments. The process is then redesigned and improvements are implemented accordingly. Finally, we monitor the performance of the new processes to ensure their smooth functioning in line with organizational requirements.

Project Management

Businesses have to deal with many business situations along with their own sets of challenges and require different skills to overcome them. Solution is to have an experienced Project Management team handle issues to such situations. These may include restructuring, business expansion, mergers & acquisitions, post-merger integration, ERP implementation and other organizational changes. Our team has experience in managing a variety of large transactions/projects, strategic tasks include creating a roadmap, execution plan, budget, and execution timeline.