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Business Advisory

The next destination for doing business is India. With an increased focus on Foreign direct investment a growing number of overseas businesses are looking to establish operations In India. However, the Indian economy is a complex structure in terms of accounting and tax and other regulatory environment that add to the difficulties and costs of doing business in India.
Whether you are looking to expand your existing operations in the country or planning to set up a new business in India, we provide a one-stop solution through this complex maze . We become your one point entry adviser and manage your entire entry plan for India .
We can assist you with all that needs to be done while entering India right from the target market ,business plan, selecting the correct form of entity, structuring your investment, providing regulatory and tax advisory, hiring the right people . Once the business is set up, we take care of your book-keeping, payroll, reporting, secretarial and compliance requirements.
Based on your company size we customize our services to your requirements. Our long experience and commercial understanding of India makes us the best help to successfully establish operations in India.

Business Consulting

Go to Market Strategy

We undertake market research assignments for our clients across industry sectors to study the business and regulatory scenario to give you a clear understanding of the market size and regulatory requirements. We leverage our extensive knowledge of India to offer solutions and go-to market strategies for our clients.

Process Consulting

In order to increase efficiencies you need to streamline the processes and our team identifies such key processes where your company can increase efficiencies. Factors that may cause inefficiencies are internal or external in nature such as regulatory policies or technological developments. The process is then redesigned and improvements are implemented accordingly. Finally, we monitor the performance of the new processes to ensure their smooth functioning in line with organizational requirements.

Project Management

Businesses have to deal with many business situations along with their own sets of challenges and require different skills to overcome them. Solution is to have an experienced Project Management team handle issues to such situations. These may include restructuring, business expansion, mergers & acquisitions, post-merger integration, ERP implementation and other organizational changes.
Our team has experience in managing a variety of large transactions/projects, strategic tasks include creating a roadmap, execution plan, budget, and execution timeline .

Regulatory Consulting

Even though the tax structure of the country is a bit complex yet we have a good understanding of the regulatory regime and compliance requirements and offer our advisory services on:
FDI (Foreign direct investment )
Corporate law
Direct and Indirect taxation
FEMA ( Exchange control regulations)
Labour Law and employment regulations
Other Industry specific regulations

Transaction Advisory

The success of any deal hinges on the ability to analyse the hidden lines. We collaborate with you to understand the very purpose of the transaction and help recognise the best way. We would advise you during the initial evaluation and negotiations through the transaction structure, financial terms. Our ultimate goal is to make a success of your business and its continued trajectory..

Insolvency Business Services

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (Code) is a new hope in the business horizon that consolidates several laws relating to insolvency and bankruptcy of individuals, corporates and partnership firms.
We assist you with the varied facets of this law. That could be including ,takeover of the management of the corporate debtor, assist creditors, collection of relevant information during resolution process, valuation and managing the liquidation process among others.
The best part is that it allows the creditors to assess the viability of the debtor’s business and formulate a resolution plan that is best suited to them. If the resolution plan fails, the debtor goes into liquidation. The code also provides a closure option to solvent corporates by way of voluntary liquidation.
The process needs to be completed within a mandated 180 days, and in the event insolvency cannot be resolved, the assets of the corporate debtor may be sold to repay the creditors. The Insolvency Resolution Process will be conducted by an Insolvency Professional (IP), a licensed professional registered with the statutory authority.
Our services
An experienced team of Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Company Secretaries, engineers and management graduates having industry experience to help you with a range of services.
Resolution Professional Service
Stakeholder’s management
Claim management – To handle various claims processes
Day to day management support
Compliance-Financial, Tax and Regulatory Advisory
Cash flow forecasts
Working capital management
Business plan development
Vendor terms renegotiation
Bank loan restructuring
Capital restructuring
Management reporting
Virtual / CFO services
Transaction advisory services.
Implementation of Resolution Plan and Exit Strategies
Voluntary Winding Up (Liquidation of a Solvent Company)
Rebuilding the financials
Employee and creditor management
Clearances from various regulatory authorities
Liaising with the various government authorities

Mergers and Acquisition , Joint Venture Advisory

Deal Advisory
In order to grow via the inorganic route, one needs to identify the correct partner. We believe that successful deals are those that result in a win-win situation for both the entities involved. We assist our clients in assessing the best strategic fit of a business by identifying suitable targets that would help achieve that synergy.
Our Services
Understanding the client’s business needs Market overview
Conducting a complete analysis of the shortlisted suitors’
Our strong association with international financial bodies and a network of firms across Europe, Asia and USA gives us that strategic edge.
We do a Buy Mandate
Our services ensure that our clients do not make mistakes, we help assess the business potential and focus on the underlying factors that lead to a successful acquisition. In doing so, due consideration is given to cultural, legal, commercial, tax aspects.
We do a Sell Mandate
Our advisers prioritise your objective for sale or divestment and structure the process accordingly.
We ensure that we convey your business potential and unique characteristics fittingly to potential buyers. In positioning your business, we consider the revenue synergies for the buyer and seek to maximise closure probability and expedite the sale process.

Due Diligence

Our Due Diligence services help investors / sellers of a business identify the financial, business and sector-specific risks associated with a transaction. The financial and tax due diligence process commences with defining the scope where we engage with the management to have a thorough understanding of the objectives of the proposed transaction.
Our Services
Thoroughly understand the target entity’s business and their operations
Extensively assess the risk profile of the target and its industry with respect to your investment objectives
Identify potential deals
Identify and quantify the tax exposure in terms of hidden cost, contingencies and commitments