Small Business Insolvency

Small Business Insolvency in Delhi

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (Code) is a new hope in the business horizon that consolidates several laws relating to insolvency and bankruptcy of individuals, corporates and partnership firms.

We assist you with the varied facets of this law. That could be including ,takeover of the management of the corporate debtor, assist creditors, collection of relevant information during resolution process, valuation and managing the liquidation process among others.

The best part is that it allows the creditors to assess the viability of the debtor's business and formulate a resolution plan that is best suited to them. If the resolution plan fails, the debtor goes into liquidation. The code also provides a closure option to solvent corporates by way of voluntary liquidation.

The process needs to be completed within a mandated 180 days, and in the event insolvency cannot be resolved, the assets of the corporate debtor may be sold to repay the creditors. The Insolvency Resolution Process will be conducted by an Insolvency Professional (IP), a licensed professional registered with the statutory authority.

Our services

An experienced team of Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Company Secretaries, engineers and management graduates having industry experience to help you with a range of services.

Resolution Professional Service
Stakeholder's management
Claim management – To handle various claims processes
Day to day management support
Compliance-Financial, Tax and Regulatory Advisory
Cash flow forecasts
Working capital management
Business plan development
Vendor terms renegotiation
Bank loan restructuring
Capital restructuring
Management reporting
Virtual / CFO services
Transaction advisory services.
Implementation of Resolution Plan and Exit Strategies
Voluntary Winding Up (Liquidation of a Solvent Company)
Rebuilding the financials
Employee and creditor management
Clearances from various regulatory authorities
Liaising with the various government authorities