General Ledger Management

General Ledger management is one of the most important aspects of your F&A operations. While many activities are strategic, independent items that can be handled by us include:
Project accounting
Fixed assets accounting
Inter-company accounting
Control accounts and sub-ledger integration (an ERP function)
Purchase and sales ledger
Period end close procedures
Management accounts and reporting (MIS)
Master creation and updating (General Ledger code master and product master in case of a ERP)
Deploy and maintain business intelligence tools to produce metrics and dashboards

Contract Management

In today’s fast-moving and competitive business environment, timely signing of contracts has become a critical aspect of an organization’s business cycle. The involvement of various stakeholders – commercial teams, legal teams and suppliers/customers – can lead to communication gaps resulting in delays or loss of visibility. Outsourcing contract management as a managed service or staff augmentation service can radically improve the efficiency of this process and reduce organizational costs. We have experience across various contracts including commercial, technology transfer and shareholder agreements/joint venture agreements.

Global Payroll and Compliance Services

Meeting GLOBAL compliance obligations of other foreign countries is the biggest challenge for any global employer. It is essential to have a sustainable framework to manage global payroll processes for employees travelling to foreign locations on short-term assignments. Often managing legal compliances across countries with different labour codes, meeting local reporting standards, adapting to frequent changes in the tax environment in these countries and managing relationships across time zones are all significant challenges.
We provide a single solution (in India) for global payroll processing, statutory and regulatory compliances across countries.
Our Services
International payroll processing in accordance with local laws of US/Canada/ Europe Union /Australia
Monthly returns
Salary certificates
Benefits reporting
Collection and maintenance of documentation
ESOP / SAR/ Sweat Equity/ Phantom Stocks tax compliances including annual returns
Payroll Processing
Technical advice in designing an optimal salary structure and benefits package
Employee policy from a tax and social security tax-saving perspective
Professional help in resolving and replying to any queries raised by Revenue agencies
Full support during audits by Revenue authorities
MIS/Other Support
Performance comparisons among country operations (in terms of accuracy, timelines, cost and quality)

Process Consulting

Process consulting leverages our experience as a partner to our clients. It gives a strategic roadmap that starts from an in-depth business understanding and solution design that gives sustainable business benefits.
Our practical experience in business transformation by understanding how processes, organizations, IT systems and people combine to form the basis of any successful change.

Risk Management and Compliance

We assist in identifying, assessing and managing risks that may affect an organization’s business goals. Different organizations may perceive these risks differently but it is essential to have a system for identifying and responding to them. Organizations must also act in compliance with laws, regulations, contracts as well as internal policies.
Risk-based Process and Internal Controls Review
Revenue Assurance
Compliance with SOP
Forensic Services
Tax Risk Management
Clause 49 Review – Corporate Governance Review as per listing agreement
Direct and Indirect Tax Compliance
Secretarial and Company Law Compliance
Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) Review
Assistance in SOX Readiness
UK Bribery Act Review
KYC and Anti Money Laundering Compliance Review
Any other key regulatory compliance
SOX Compliance
ISO implementation

Accounts Payable Process

We offer dependable accounts payable solutions from invoice processing to payment disbursement. This not only helps clients cut costs but also allows for higher efficiency and centralised control of payables across the company. A well-managed payables function can result in a significant competitive advantage as it positively impacts vendor relations, cash management, internal control and management reporting.

Accounts Receivable Process

Our accounts receivable processing or credit control services diligently keep track of cash flows. Our services include cheque management, receipt accounting, customer claim processing, customer account reconciliation and order release. We make sure that the highest level of efficiency is maintained, avoiding discrepancies at the time of reconciliation of accounts.

Expense Claims FP&A

We ensure that employees are reimbursed for expenses incurred during the course of their work within the set time period. In doing so, we not only ensure employee satisfaction but also help mitigate any potential compliance risks by keeping track of various tax laws.