Registrations for Charitable/ NGO Institutions

We assist businesses in smoothly obtaining registrations for their charitable trusts and bodies from the Indian tax authorities under the Section 12AA/80G. We conduct an upfront evaluation of the probability of considering a particular activity as a ‘charitable activity’ under the Indian tax laws and ultimately, obtain the registration from the tax authorities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Compliances

We assist our clients in evaluating the tax advantages of CSR spending and identifying avenues particularly in terms of setting up CSR trusts.

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)/Common Reporting Standard (CRS) Services

The new world order has initiated measures by the US IRS and the European Union EU to come up with reporting requirements under FATCA and CRS Laws. We assist with respect to entity classification and other allied services.

Offshore Accounting and Tax

We have built up capabilities through our associates an offshore accounting and tax practice as well to cater to our clients. We can manage the tax / VAT/GST compliances of all your subsidiaries across the globe. Through our international network partners, we can also provide you with offshore tax support in many countries.

Indirect Tax

While India is a complex country in terms of taxation and hence plethora of taxes and compliances that an organization must manage to prevent leakages. We provide consulting services right from customs duties on imports, GST on domestic sourcing or local sales. With the changing indirect tax landscape , our team of is equipped to support you in implementing new laws and meeting new compliance requirements. This would help you minimize tax costs and risks while taking advantage of the available exemptions, abatements, credits and set-offs.

Goods and Services Tax

The Indian indirect taxation system has undergone a sea change with the introduction of a unified Goods and Services Tax (GST) as against the prevailing plethora of taxes (value-added tax (VAT), central sales tax (CST), service tax, customs duty, excise duty, entry tax, etc.).
The new GST regime has opened up an array of opportunities for businesses across India as well as those planning to enter the Indian market. On the other hand, GST poses various challenges with respect to business planning, budgeting and investment, as it has changed many earlier assumptions regarding business and the market and as a whole. The challenge at hand for the business community is to adapt to the new tax reform by understanding the nuances of the new GST regime.
In this evolving indirect tax scenario, we assist our clients in bridging the gap over to GST by providing specialized services to mitigate any GST-related tax risk.

Corporate Services

The team offers subsidiaries of foreign companies in India a very good option to free themselves entirely from the burden of accounting, payroll, tax and regulatory compliances. Our team takes over all back-office functions, providing an integrated service, with a single point of contact. Thus, our clients can be assured of quality services that not only help reduce cost and free up managerial resources, but also the freedom to concentrate on core business functions.


Setting up accounting systems
Managing the preparation and signing of cheques
Liaising with banks
Book-keeping and general ledger management
Accounting and management reporting
Preparing year-end financial statements
Parent company management reporting