Virtual CFO Functions and corporate controllership services

In today’s fast changing environment and advancement of knowledge a Virtual CFO acts as the best fit to provide valued and experienced advice . We provide such services that enable corporate to keep a tab on their finance function and also strategize their future business outlook.

Project Viability Studies

For corporate entering a new business arena , a project report and viability study is a prime requirement to give them the confidence. We help prepare such reports.

Business Valuations

With increased FDI, Startups, M&A deals the relevance of Business Valuations has gained traction . We provide business valuation support for all your business needs.

Business Turnaround Strategies

The tipsy world of corporate has many turns and twists during in its life and to tide over the same we help you plan such business turnaround strategies to keep your company on track.

Direct Tax

Taxes the very crux to a healthy bottom line, we help you plan such tax mitigations. Direct Tax Planning is a must to keep the company immune from any tax related impact.

Indirect Tax

Gods And Services Tax or GST an indirect tax , the new one nation tax that helps corporates grow seamlessly, we provide all backend support on being GST compliant.

International Restructuring

With Indian Corporates looking outbound for more acquisitions we provide support to plan such international structures.

Private Equity and Project Finance

Equity the most desirable for any corporate to keep the lifelines of businesss running . We help corporates raise such equity through private equity and project finance deals. Private Equity the lifeline for any startup is also catered and helped with.

Working Capital Limits

Every business needs capital to run its operations and that is working capital. We help them raise such working capital.