Commercial Due Diligence

We assist you in identifying a suitable target market and partner, and assessing whether the target can successfully help you achieve your long-term goals. For this, we conduct a review based on the industry, market and business models of companies.
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Industry Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Customer Analysis
Internal Analysis
Financial Due Diligence

Tax Due Diligence

An objective evaluation of your target’s current tax position as well as the tax implication of the transaction is necessary to identify potential risk exposures/issues. We identify and understand these requirements and provide an optimal financial and tax structure to mitigate these risks.
A few Questions that we ask :
Has the company complied with all applicable tax laws such as income tax, Value Added Tax, Goods and services tax, customs etc.?
Any major ongoing litigations within the company with various tax authorities?


Valuation the backbone of any business that needs attention in the light of continuous revision of tax and legal doctrines. We specialize to integrate accounting, financial reporting, tax planning, corporate transactions and regulatory compliances.
Our services
Corporate transactions: With extensive experience across several industries we are well versed for complex corporate assignments.
Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)
Companies Act, 2013
Rule 11 UA of the Income Tax Rules, 1962
Swap certificates
Overseas Direct Investment (ODI) guidelines
Alternate Investment Fund (AIF) regulations
Valuation of Intangibles such as the assessment of brand value, patents, trademarks, copyrights, goodwill, etc.

Transaction Structuring

In the complex business world the transactions have become complex and have to be tailor made to a specific geography in which the business operates and we assist our clients in designing such an optimal transaction structure.
A particular structure may be beneficial for one party, it may not work for another. Therefore, identifying the best structure to consummate the transaction is critical.
Transaction structuring would largely involve matters that impact the company’s capital structure, deal structure, tax considerations and regulatory framework.
Our services
Capital Structuring: Source of finance such as debt, equity, bridge loan, ECBs, etc.
Tax Structuring: Deciding on an optimal tax structure
Deal Structure: Decision-making on slump sale, asset sale or share purchase
Regulatory Advisory: FEMA, Corporate law and other related legal issues


Restructuring does not mean only when there is a need for one , it is a constant phenomenon in the ever changing business environment and to stay competitive. Constant examination of your business practices and structures is necessary to ensure continual improvement, essential to flourish in today’s world.
Our experience in compliance under direct and indirect taxes, FEMA and corporate laws, we are capable of creating an efficient structure and ensure that our clients mitigate financial and legal risks. The need for restructuring may arise on account of various reasons such as Business expansion ,Business divestment ,Enhancing business performance, Consolidation/separation of the business, Unlocking the value of the business, Family business reorganization ,Business closure/winding up
While working as your preferred partner, the approach is that of a an end-to-end solution. Right from the planning phase to the implementation and post-implementation phase, we are involved throughout the life cycle of the transaction. Ensure that the restructuring is compliant with all regulations, Assist in planning, scheduling and monitoring the restructuring programme (capital reduction, buyback of shares, dividend option, reorganization/structuring of capital, conversion of entity, etc.) Identify and implement the most suitable form of business closure (member’s voluntary winding up, fast-track exit/deregistration, winding up by a court, creditor’s voluntary winding up).

Direct Tax and Regulatory Services

Our expertise enables us to implement a structure by setting up tax-efficient vehicles.

New Business Set-up and Formation

In India, business expenditures can only be allowed as a deduction if the business has been set up according to the Indian tax law. We assist clients in determining the actual date of set-up (commencement of business) for their operations in India by understanding the business and collating the necessary documents. We also help our clients obtain the necessary registrations such as Permanent Account Number (PAN), Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN), etc.

Return of Statement of Income

We assist businesses in preparing an accurate Tax Return after proper analysis of the law and by taking technically correct positions on contentious matters. Our approach, backed by experience with the tax authorities, allows us to mitigate potential tax risks that could arise during Revenue Audit.

ICDS or the Income Computation Disclosure Norms

We assist in the ICDS disclosures that now mandated by the new Income Tax Amendment We ascertain the impact of ICDS on their tax matters, quantifying the impact and working with the management to arrive at strategic positions to be taken on each of the ICDS.